Recently I did an interview on Dobe Globe, and was asked what things I could never travel without.  This question got me thinking, so here are my top five items that are always with me when traveling.

I think that this one is pretty universal.  Taking amazing pictures is half the fun of traveling, right?  My current camera is the Cannon T3i, and yes, I am absolutely in love with it.

When I first started traveling, taking my phone with me wasn't a big deal.  It didn't work for phone calls, and it didn't have much else use. Now everything is different. It is amazing how much smartphones can do for you while traveling. All you need is a little wifi and you can call, text, navigate, look up places to go, Instagram, email, check in for flights, pretty much do anything.

Oh how I love a good pair of sunnies.  For one, my eyes are pretty sensitive to light.  If I try to look up at some gorgeous building while the sun is shining, my eyes will start to water like crazy.  But with sunglasses, I can look at anything I want, and my eyes will still be happy.  They also come in handy when you want to cover up your jet lagged appearance in pictures.

I am constantly drinking water.  Staying hydrated is always important, but when you are on your feet for 15+ hours a day and walking miles while traveling, it becomes crucial.  I like to make sure that I always bring water with me because it saves me form having to stop and from having to pay.

So much happens while you travel. You go to so many places, meet so many people, it is impossible to remember it all.  To make sure I don’t lose any of the things I soak up while traveling, I like to write them down. I’ll be honest, while I would like to really journal and write while traveling, most the time all I manage to do is jot down names of places, restaurants, and people, and the occasional random word that will help remind me of a certain story or adventure.


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