Let’s face it. No matter what we do, we are going to be faced with crowds while travelling.  You want to see the world’s top destinations? Great! So does everyone else, and they all planning on going the same time as you.  Does that mean you should avoid going?  Absolutely not!  Here are my top tips for handling crowds while travelling.

This is probably the most common tip for dealing with crowds.  Find the time that the least amount of people go, and plan your tip for then.  There is nothing wrong with exploring Europe in the snow, or Hawaii in the rain, especially if it means you will get to explore alone.

If you are traveling in a group, or even a pair, it can be helpful to split up, especially when exploring museums/historical sites.  Pick a time and place to meet, and then go off on your own.  It is much easier for one person to maneuver through a crowd than it is for a group of people.  You will also get the added perk of seeing what you want to see without having to accommodate someone else.

Another popular tip is to get up early.  The earlier you get up, the less people will be out; it's that simple.  While this tip is great for handling crowds, it is also great for getting the most out of your travels.  Sure, the Eiffel Tower is gorgeous, but the deserted Eiffel Tower at sunrise is magical.

I am always so surprised that more people don't do this. Getting tickets online can help you avoiding waiting in ticket lines when you arrive.  Some attractions also have passes/deals that allow you to move to the front of line when going in.  If this option exists USE IT. Don't waste your precious travel time waiting in a line.

When the crowds get a little too much to handle, you can always travel off the beaten path.  Sometimes all it takes to escape the crowd of a busy street is to walk up one street, and voila! PEACE.  This can also mean exploring less talked about parts of the city, escaping to the country for a few days, letting yourself go wherever the wind blows you.

Generally, having patience is always something we should try to do, but it is especially important when traveling.  If there is a huge group swarming you, take a step back, wait, and they will pass. Don’t get caught up in the rush of crowds and miss out.

This tip has seriously changed the way I travel.  If you take one thing away from this post, let it be this. Bring. Your. Headphones.  You know what is a million times better than walking through the British Museum listening to screaming children, yelling adults, and a jumble of every language known to man? Walking through the British Museum listening to City and Color. Find some music that you think fits the mood of whatever place you are visiting, put in your earphones, drown out the crowds, and give your travels a soundtrack. 


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