This one is 100% thanks to blogger Young Adventuress.  I cannot scroll though my Instagram feed without her insanely beautiful pictures calling my name.  I am also drawn to the country because of the special work/holiday visa they offer, something I think I need to take advantage of ASAP

More specifically, Machu Pichu.  Every time I see a picture of this place, I get a feeling in my gut and I have to resist the urge to book a ticket right then.  This place has everything I love. Beautiful green scenery, powerful history, and llamas. 

Ancient Egypt has fascinated me ever since I can remember, and I simply CANNOT go my whole life without seeing the last remaining wonder of the ancient world.  While Egypt has recently been in the negative spotlight, from what I have found in my research, the main tourist areas are still safe to travel to.  In fact, because of the negative media, visitors now have the rare opportunity of exploring the sights with relatively no crowds.  As I am not sure how I feel about going alone, I have been looking at the Contiki trip seen here:

Everything about Iceland calls my name.  The Northern Lights. The fact that they believe in fairies.  The pristine wilderness. The colored houses. It also helps that it tends to go relatively unnoticed in the world of travel.

I am a little embarrassed to say that I have never been to the Grand Canyon, mostly because it is somewhat close to me (11 hour road trip).  It is one of those places that steals your breath, and puts in to perspective how small we are, how incredible Earth is, and how lucky we are to be alive.  I cant let something like that be so close and go unexplored for much longer

*none of the photos pictured are my own


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