Don't be that person. Just. Don't.

Common Phrase: “I’ll just have a salad”
This is perhaps my least favorite type of traveler.  They go ALL THE WAY TO FRANCE and then refuse to eat a croissant because do you even know how many calories that has? They will give you a dirty look when you get ice cream, and when you get a second ice cream they will just die inside.  Food is like, half the point of traveling. I don’t care  if you gave up carbs a year ago, either you eat that pizza or I will (on second thought, it’s okay, I’ll just eat it).

Common phrase: “I can’t afford it”
I am guilty of being this type of traveler sometimes, but I am trying SO hard to stop.  They spend all their money getting there, so once they are there, they refuse to do anything. Yes, travelling is expensive.  Yes, you already spent a ton on your plane ticket.  Yes, you are on a budget.  But that doesn't mean you should say no to gelato or the opera or a museum because of cost.  

Common Phrase. “Done! What's next?”
[Gets off tour bus, runs into Louvre, snaps picture in front of the Mona Lisa, gets back on tour bus, moves on to the next attraction]  I know that the pressure of making sure you see everything can be daunting, but don’t let that rush you.  QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Always.  

Common phrase: “            is better at home”
They travel half way around the world and expect everything to be the same as it was at home.  Homesickness is one thing, but complaining about every little thing that is different is another.  Embrace the changes; they are only temporary. Its okay that the pizza looks different, that your cell phone doesn't work properly, that nothing is in English.  That is the point!

Common phrase: "I just can't believe you                   
This person has traveled to more places than you.  They have stayed in nicer hotels than you. They speak more of the language than you and they sicker at your pronunciation. They can’t believe that you rode the subway.  They know about a secret beach/restaurant/town that is just AMAZING, but they will never tell you where it is because, if you don’t already know, you obviously aren't cool enough to find out. Remember that everyone if different.  Everyone travels differently.  No one and no way of travel is better than another. 


  1. this post made me laugh so MUCH.:) Very true is some cases... someone actually accused me of being a bit of a snob traveller once ha

    1. I'm SO glad you liked it. I think everyone is guilty of fitting one of these types from time to time. It's all about moderation